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This is an online space open to all Associations, all professionals and all citizens with information about the Legal Profession and the world of Justice, with specific and easily accessible services for lawyers: from requesting a pass to prison to the SMS bureau or the provision of more than 20.000 publications in the Digital Library of Lawyers, from the connection with the Justice Administrations to the collegiate management, from the electronic mail to the census of lawyers, and with training offers for lawyers and for those who aspire to be, Newsletters, Blogs, citizen services and many more news ... Information is also available on Latest News topics such as court fees, the Law on Services and Professional Associations or Free Legal Assistance and Job.

Technologically we are at the forefront of the legal professions in Spain and Europe. Legal Aid and Office Hours are a model that works efficiently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in defense of fundamental rights. Among the services that the Legal Profession has put at the service of citizens, the management of the Electronic File of Legal Aid, which processed more than 2018 applications in 680.000, is a system that saves costs and time. But there are many more things that Abogacía Española.

In this profession, which grows year after year, there are no numbers clausus or barriers. Large Spanish law firms top the European rankings, but this profession is made up of thousands of small firms, many individuals, that try to specialize and provide the best service to citizens.

Old topics have already been broken, access to the lawyer has been socialized and with the celebration in Valladolid of the XII National Congress we have gone from being a lawyer in transformation to a transforming lawyer. The Barometers periodically ordered by the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española They clearly point out that those who have seen a lawyer, more and more citizens, are satisfied with the care and treatment received.

We are becoming better professionals, although many of us have had to train after our time at the University and we continue to do so every day. The Access Law, finally in force, despite the tripping it has suffered, has achieved that we have better lawyers from the beginning and will adequately guarantee the Right of Defense of all citizens.

Victoria Ortega Benito
President of the Consejo General of the Abogacía Española

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