If you have a legal problem, you need information about your possible divorce or separation, an eviction, a claim for money, etc. You should consult with a lawyer who will advise you and defend your interests, and if you lack financial means, you can request the appointment of a Public Lawyer, having to go to the Bar Association of the city where you reside, and there they will give you all the necessary information about.
El Consejo General de la Abogacía Española It cannot advise or inform about private legal matters or matters.

Access through the link to the collegiate websites is NOT affected by this change.

Yes, you will have to review the settings on all computers and make the necessary changes on each one.

The exact date we do not know yet. Microsoft indicates that it will be during January 2023 and that they will notify us 7 days in advance.

Affected users will be notified 7 days in advance.

And it will be published on the web https://correo.abogacia.es

If you have received a notification from us, it is likely that you have a device from which you access your mail through an affected mail client.

It may also be that you have already made the configuration changes less than 15 days ago and we have notified you because we still do not have your updated access information.

The best way to check is to check on the web if you meet the requirements and make sure you are ready for the change.

In this case, when Microsoft disables the basic authentication method, the mail client will stop receiving and sending mail and instead will continuously ask you for the password until you make the configuration changes.

You will be able to continue reading the emails via webmail at https://outlook.office.com

Microsoft has indicated that, with the change in the identification method, these protocols will also be deactivated from their Outlook products forced to use the EXCHANGE protocol.

If you want to continue using these protocols you must use non-Microsoft email clients such as Thunderbird.

  • Access from the web browser (eg Edge or Chrome) to Outlook.office.com
  • Enter your email account and then your password
  • You can choose between keeping your session started or not (it is recommended not to keep it started if it is a shared computer with more users).
  • In the case of not remembering the password, the text "I have forgotten my password" appears in the request window. Click here and follow the steps to change it. It must be remembered that if the password is changed here in mail clients such as Outlook, it would be necessary to enter the new one.
  • By accessing Outlook Online in this way, you can now check your email, receive and send emails.

Accede to https://outlook.office.com

Press "I forgot my password" and follow the steps to change it.

It must be remembered that if the password is changed here in mail clients such as Outlook, it would be necessary to enter the new one.

On this web https://correo.abogacia.es We will publish all the information that we have available.

You can also get all the information on the Microsoft website Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – Time's Up – Microsoft Community Hub

It is a personal space in which the services and resources tailored to you are available on a single screen to help you in your professional practice.

To use it, you must register and access the MI ABOGACÍA section. The system "recognizes" the profile of the user who has accessed and shows the corresponding services.

The user himself can add or delete and configure his space with his needs and preferences.

En Mi Abogacía You have available a section called My Workspace where you can include shortcuts to the services and tools that you use the most.

You will also be able to see the loans you have active in the Lawyer Library, the courses you are enrolled in, configure Areas of Interest and inscriptions to Lawyers Newsletters.