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What is ACA and what advantages does it offer you?


Card replacement ACA with Cosmo v9 chip

On April 17, 2024, the accreditation as a secure signature creation device of the ID-One CNS v2 (Cosmo v9) cryptographic chip used in the cards expires. ACA for the issuance of certificates.

Cards with valid certificates on this chip must be replaced at your Bar Association before said date.

To identify if you have one of them, you must look on the back of it and the code, OC2, will appear on the right side.

Through the Bit4 program the serial number of these cards is identified by 244412802… and also 244414700 ...

IMPORTANT: The Legal Profession Certification Authority will proceed to revoke the certificates that remain active on April 11, 2024.

The collegiate card allows you to identify yourself as a LAWYER or LAWYER. It is especially useful in detention centers and prisons, in judicial offices, as well as in the Internet environment. It incorporates in its chip the secure device for creating the electronic signature of the Lawyer's Certification Authority (ACA). It is a recognized signature that has the same value as your handwritten signature.
It enables you to carry out online procedures that are only accessible if you prove your identity, and what is more important, your status as a lawyer. For example, only with the electronic signature ACA You can process a prison pass, check your billing in the Duty Shift or present your documents in Courts. RedAbogacía, technological infrastructure of the Abogacía Española, offers you multiple telematic services designed to help you in your professional practice.
With ACAYou can also identify yourself in the telematic services offered by Public Administration bodies, at the national, regional and local levels.
  • Carrying out procedures online will save you travel, unwanted waiting in queues or having to adjust your schedule to the hours of their offices. You can make the Income Declaration, pay taxes and obtain Social Security certificates. You will greatly simplify bureaucracy.
  • In addition, there are more and more procedures that the Administration carries out exclusively electronically, such as the payment of VAT.
  • Your electronic signature ACA It also allows you to perform procedures on behalf of your clients. You can present your income statement through the Tax Agency website.
  • Another of the great advantages of the electronic signature ACA is that it provides legal and technical security to your communications. Provides a secure, “locked-in” management environment.
  • It protects you against computer attacks or identity theft that put at risk the professional secrecy to which all legal professionals are obliged.
  • With ACAYou can sign your emails in such a way that you offer the recipient the guarantee that you are indeed the author and that the content of the message has not been altered during delivery.
  • It also allows you to sign documents such as contracts or invoices, which, in addition to providing security, allows you to save costs by eliminating paper and postal shipments.
    It makes your daily tasks more efficient and agile by digitizing your procedures and making your shipments instantly.
What can i do with ACA?
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This service is offered by Consejo General de la Abogacía Española, through your College of Law with the technological support of RedAbogacía.
The technological infrastructure of Consejo General de la Abogacía Española has an information security management system in accordance with the UNE-ISO / IEC 27001: 2007 Standard