01 julio 2010

Declaration by the EU High Representative

The EU is concerned about the raise of gender based violence in some areas of Latin America. The EU is especially and deeply concerned about the increasing number of homicides against women and girls that take place in some contexts of mass violence and structural discrimination. The EU strongly condemns all kind of gender based violence and the aberrant crime of feminicide and the prevailing culture of impunity for these crimes.

The EU praises the tireless and forward-looking work carried out by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ in this issue, and considers as a positive step that the Court has established that gender-based violence can constitute gender discrimination and its endorsement of the concept of Feminicide as “Gender based-homicides”. The EU will actively support the sharing of best practices and cooperation within Latin America and is willing to offer its cooperation on this field in the search of remedies to eliminate violence against women, by means of political support, legislative cooperation and concrete measures: These measures may include the creation of national data bases, the publication of gender educational programs and manuals, standardizing of protocols, development of expertise or any other adequate action.