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Expediente Electrónico de Justicia Gratuita


It provides transparency in management, minimizes errors in the administrative file, reduces financial costs and processing times up to 40 days.

The system developed by the Technological Infrastructure of the Abogacía Española, RedAbogacía, already connects more than 80 Bar Associations online and easily with organizations such as the Tax Agency, the National Social Security Institute and its General Treasury, the General Directorate of Cadastre, or the National Employment Institute, among others .

With this service, the Legal Profession further reinforces its role in the "Electronic Administration", focusing on its commitment to the service to the public provided through the Office Shift by more than 42.700 lawyers 365 days a year, the 24 hours a day.


  • The citizen is facilitated access to Legal Aid by simplifying the procedures and shortening the deadlines in obtaining the documentation up to 24 hours, since it will avoid travel and waiting at the windows of each of the competent Administration bodies.
  • For its part, the College of Law ensures the content of the socioeconomic information and thus avoids human errors in the transcription of data from paper format to a file management application. Unifies the applicant's information in a single file format in a standardized manner and common to all Bar Associations.
  • Fraud in the use of this constitutional right is reduced, avoiding giving Legal Aid to those who do not need it.
  • Finally, the Public Administrations optimize and speed up the service they offer to the citizen, achieve complete traceability of the process for possible auditing and also reduce possible fraud before the Administration, optimizing public spending and providing maximum transparency in the management of this service. to the citizenship..