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Centralita de Guardias

The Guards switchboard is a renewed service of RedAbogacía which, through automated phone calls, allows the College to manage the complete cycle of assigning a lawyer to assistance.

This service arose as an initiative of the Badajoz Bar Association and has been completely renewed, providing it with greater technical robustness, guarantees, scalability and multi-device design. A new improved and modernized management web application has also been included.

It is a single system that functions as a connection point between the detention centers, the lawyers and the College. The College introduces the guard lists into the system, configures location parameters and can later review all the calls and assistance made through the application itself.



  • guard switchboardMORE CONTROL: The College has reliable control mechanisms to ensure the proper functioning of the service.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE: Incidents are reduced thanks to an automated incident management system: substitutions, unavailability, urgency, etc.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE AND CHEAPER: As all the management is centralized and automated. SIGA compatible.
  • MORE RELIABLE With a more robust and solid technical structure.


  • MORE EQUITY - By ensuring that the established criteria for assigning assistance, compensation, principles of equity, etc. are followed.


  • SIMPLER - The process is simplified to a single call to the guard station.


  • MORE WARMTH AND QUICKER - By simplifying the allocation process.

Service file

Service File_Guards Central Station