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  • 'European Advocacy, with you', the App of the Delegation of the Abogacía Española in Brussels.

The Brussels Office of the Abogacía Española has launched the Mobile Application "Lawyers in Europe, With You" which aims to provide on the mobile devices of lawyers and citizens all the information about the Brussels Office and the European institutions. The application has been developed by the Technological Infrastructure of the Abogacía Española, RedAbogacía.

European Advocacy01Users of this APP, available for both Android and Apple iOS mobiles, will be able to have all the updated information on the European Union (EU) and its institutions on their electronic device.

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You will also be able to access all the practical documents useful for lawyers such as the European lawyer card, the Code of Ethics and the guide to intervene in European courts, both the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Rights. Humans.

Citizens and lawyers will be able to have useful tools in this APP such as the search for lawyers, the Lawyer Training channel or various dynamic forms available in Spain and the EU (small claims, European payment requirement ...).


The main information and documentation services of the Brussels Office are also available in this mobile application: Europa en Breve, Brussels Agenda, twitter, youtube channels, geographic access of the EU institutions and the legal profession. In addition, users will be able to participate, share their opinions and find the ideas with the most support thanks to the integration in a discussion forum with AppGree.

  • Europa en Breve: Weekly information from the Delegation of the Abogacía Española in Brussels, of the institutionsEuropean Advocacy19 European legislation and the news of Community Law of interest to all members.
  • Europa al Día: Daily information from the Brussels Office, the European institutions and the regulatory developments of Community Law
  • Brussels Agenda: With a single touch you can access the agenda of plenary sessions, committees and hearings in the European Parliament and other EU institutions, as well as conferences or meetings of interest