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Abogacía en datos

Data advocacy is the first institutional Advocacy tool based on Business Intelligence and based on data analytics exploits not only our own information (Census, SIGA, Training, etc.) but also feeds the system with socio-economic data that will allow us self-management and the proposition of public policies aimed at improving and strengthening the legal services that attorneys develop for the defense of legitimate rights and interests.

Data advocacy It also allows us to respond to the need to acquire an exhaustive knowledge of professional practice that allows us to adopt informed policies and collaborate with public administrations in an effective way.

Has as main objective to collect and analyze the information provided by the Bar Associations in a way that facilitates the decision-making process based on data, based on the systematic aggregated and disaggregated analysis, comparable in time and space, of professional activity, since only in this way is it possible to develop coherent policies throughout the territory of the State.

Access to the Data Advocacy dashboard.

In the Strategic Plan for the Legal Profession 2017-2020, there are different measures and actions related to the Legal Aid Service. One of them (M113) states that “the beneficiaries of Free Legal Assistance require a high quality legal defense service. He Consejo General of the Legal Profession, in collaboration with the Bar Associations, will regularly analyze the performance of the Free Legal Assistance service, making the results public, and will implement continuous improvement mechanisms that ensure that the system is sustainable, efficient and of quality, advancing time in the harmonization of criteria by the Colleges. Likewise, complementary measures will be promoted for the Observatory of Free Legal Assistance, with special emphasis on the collection of quantitative and qualitative data as well as the development of its own communication tools, such as specialized newsletters, among others ”.

Access interactive report based on the Legal Aid Observatory.