May 27th 2024

CRM: Back to basics

Eva bruchBy Eva bruch
TWITTER @evabruch

When we haven't talked about anything other than generative artificial intelligence for almost two years, about which there are many doubts to be resolved and a long road ahead, I wonder if we are not forgetting the basic things.

I am referring to less sexy technologies, those that no longer fill headlines in newspapers or social networks, but are the basis of any business that wants to grow. The CRM for example, a tool (for those who no longer remember...) with which to structure the commercial management of the office.

CRMs have been on the market for more than 30 years, their level of sophistication can be very high or very simple depending on the office's preference, and the results obtained depend exclusively on how it is configured and how it is powered. No hallucinations.

A client recently told me: “I don't want one of those ready-to-use CRMs on the market, I want to create my own tool, one that supports our particular growth strategy. If we use a standard, we will end up doing the same things as everyone else, we need a system that adapts to us.”

It is certainly a firm with a very particular, and tremendously successful, vision of focusing on business development. Not only does it apply an unusually transparent policy in the management and access to information, but it allows and in fact encourages, among other things, juniors to assume responsibility for some business opportunities, knowing that a high percentage will lose them. The goal is to strengthen your learning.

Learning, techniques, strategies and actions that are documented and analyzed continuously in the CRM system. A very simple analysis, no artificial intelligence, simple historical memory, grouped data, applied statistics and lessons learned about what really works and why. The objective: do much more of what works, stop doing what doesn't and most importantly, know how to identify in time when to apply corrections.

In the midst of all the hype around Generative AI, I suggest taking a small step back, letting scientists, researchers and sellers of legaltech solutions deal with their problems and going back a little to the basics, solid and 100% reliable. There are still many pending issues there.