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Generative Artificial Intelligence in retrospect


Generative Artificial Intelligence in retrospect

By Jordi Estalella The author takes a look at the evolution of the IAG since its beginnings in the 90s. He considers that collaboration between lawyers and technologists will be essential to develop and deploy its tools that meet the needs of the legal sector.


The public authorities in charge of applying the European Artificial Intelligence Regulation

By Moises Barrio
In Spain, the supervisory powers for compliance with the Artificial Intelligence system correspond to the Spanish AI Supervision Agency. But, for the author, a law must be enacted that establishes at least a sanctioning regime.


Welcome to the summer of boredom!

By Íñigo Jiménez, Mobility expert from RedAbogacía
Despite living in the world of hyperconnectivity, the author proposes a series of recommendations to embrace boredom this summer. Tips to disconnect from mobile devices and social networks, and reconnect with what really matters.


Discovering new paths: The implementation of new processes and technology in the legal sector

By Sara Molina
Technology can be that new path to greater efficiency, precision and customer service. Therefore, as we adopt new tools and processes, it is essential to manage change with empathy and leadership.


Legal tech: the market niche in which lawyers have a lot to contribute

By Rocío Ramírez
According to the author, the implementation of Generative AI in the sector is still very early. And if in two years it is going to be the key for the legal technology industry to reach the amount of 50 billion dollars, it is going to take a lot of driving force.


Legal Generative AI Needs Improvement

By Jorge MorellLegal search tools with intelligence features are a good first step and the technology used to enhance hallucinations (RAG) helps with this, but they still require the same or more supervision than a normal ChatGPT and of course they are not error-free. The author provides a series of instructions for this.


Why shouldn't we use AI to replace our legal reasoning?

By Elen Irazabal
In the legal field, detailed analysis, deliberation, and understanding of causation are essential. AI can only serve to help increase and magnify our potential for human intuition.


CRM: Back to basics

By Eva Bruch
Amid all the hype around Generative AI, the author suggests taking a small step back and using this basic, solid and 100% reliable tool.


Talent and artificial intelligence: does the playing field level between lawyers?

By Jordi Estalella
AI, with its ability to process large volumes of information, becomes an indispensable ally for those who cannot keep up with their brighter colleagues. What are your limits?


Keys to prepare technical documentation under the European Artificial Intelligence Regulation

By Moises Barrio
Technical documentation can be defined as the set of documents that describe in detail all the technical and legal aspects of an artificial intelligence system. It is crucial to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the AI ​​Regulation and, therefore, has to include a description of a number of elements.


Connected and isolated: The double face of technology in today's youth

By Íñigo Jiménez, Mobility expert from RedAbogacía
The author provides a series of tips to reduce the impact that smartphones and social networks are having on adolescents and thus preserve their mental health.


The one with Coca-Cola

By Laura Fauqueur Have you thought about the events you participate in or organize? Whenever you consider that the result is not what you expected, stop and think: how could I redesign this moment so that X happens?

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