Commission for Free Legal Assistance and Social Function


Antonio Morán Duran

Vice President:

Isabel Valriberas Acebedo


Joan R. Puig Pellicer


  • Angel Francisco Llamas Luengo
  • Maria Eugenia Gay Rosell
  • Juan Jose Flores Gomez
  • Antonio Jose Navarro Selfa
  • Maria Lurdes Maiztegui González
  • Angel Garcia Aragon
  • Jose Felix Mondelo Santos
  • Blas Jesus Imbroda Ortiz
  • Jesus Martinez-Escribano Gomez
  • Pilar Lopez-Guerrero
  • blanca ramos aranaz
  • Maria Encarnacion Orduna Pardo
  • Luis Nieto Guzman de Lázaro
  • Margaret Cerro Gonzalez
  • Angel Jose Cervantes Martin
  • Javier Martin Garcia
  • Carlos Joan Lorente Rivera

Penitentiary Subcommittee:

Chairwoman: blanca ramos aranaz

Aliens Subcommittee:

President: Blas Jesus Imbroda Ortiz

Subcommittee on Minors:

President: Javier Martin Garcia

Working Group of the Office Shift in the Common Territory:

Coordinator: Francisco Jesus Martinez-Escribano Gomez


Advocacy people logoAmong the functions carried out by the Commission are:

  • Reports on the drafts of the Ministry of Justice to reform the Law of Free Legal Assistance 1/1996, prior transfer to the Colleges, and constitution of an “ad hoc” working group
  • Coordination and direction of the competences of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española on Free Legal Assistance. Relations with the Ministry of Justice.
  • Actions related to the campaign on free defense and duty shift carried out in front of society, administrations and professionals.
  • Monitoring of the problems generated by state and regional legislation on Free Legal Assistance. Answer to the queries made both by Associations and by individuals regarding Free Legal Assistance.
  • Coordination and promotion of legal guidance and defense in specialized shifts, minors, penitentiary, immigration, domestic violence, etc.
  • Promote as many actions as necessary in order to fully guarantee the constitutional right of defense in any situation.
  • Review of the billing carried out by the Associations and consolidation of the cost of legal assistance, public office shift and accrued infrastructure expenses.
  • Control and review of the number of duty lawyers who provide the service in the different Colleges in the different specialized shifts. Formulation of the pertinent proposals of adaptation of the service before the Ministry of Justice.
  • Distribution of the issuance of the Ministry of Justice regarding the cost of the legal aid service among the different Bar Associations whose Autonomous Community has so far not assumed the jurisdiction of Justice.
  • Review of the certifications of justification of application of funds sent by the Bar Associations in order to accredit a subsidy subject to the General Budgetary Law, and preparation of the final report of the exercise on free legal assistance.
  • Preparation of legal reports on the provision by lawyers of the free legal aid function.
  • Takes into consideration the agreements reached by the Immigration, Prison and Violence Against Women Subcommittees

Conference Conclusions:

Documents of interest

Protocol of Minimum Action of the Lawyer in the Time of Assistance to Detainees