18 2013 June

Lawyers in Europe for Immigration and Asylum will create a coordination body

Representatives of the Lawyers of Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and France have signed a protocol of agreement for the creation of an Intercollegiate Coordination body of Lawyers specializing in Immigration and Asylum, within the scope of the European Union.

The protocol aims to promote the exchange of technical information about the legislation and reforms that occur at the state level, as well as the most notable jurisprudence on migration, international and intra-EU, asylum and private international law issues. In addition, information will be exchanged on legislation and administrative and judicial practice related to Free Legal Assistance to foreigners.

The objective of the protocol, which was signed within the framework of the 23rd Spanish National Meeting of Lawyers Specialists in Immigration and Asylum, held in Lleida from June 12 to 15, is to promote the constitution of an intercollegiate-EU coordination body on migration matters, Immigration and asylum with intervention capacity at the European Union level.

The Provisional Secretariat has been established in the Immigration Subcommission of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española and once its constitution is finalized, the participation of the collegiate bodies of lawyers from the other States of the Union will be promoted.

Pascual Aguelo, president of the Immigration Subcommittee of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española; Ana Costa Almeida, member of the Human Rights Commission of the Portuguese Bar Association; Ingvild Stadie, member of the Immigration and Asylum Commission of the Munich Federal Bar Association, and Loredana Tassone, of the Strasbourg Bar Association and expert of the CCBE Human Rights Committee, have been the lawyers in charge of signing this protocol.